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Bushmanland Crafts and Tours, Northern Cape, South Africa offers an unique "Photo Fossil Hunt" on ancient rock face near Kenhardt, the heart land of engravings in the region, 110 km South from Upington. These outcrops include the beautiful quiver tree forest, 10km from Kenhardt as well as others outcrops surrounding Kenhardt. The quiver trees bloom from April to June and it is a perfect time to visit the region.
This is not an ordinary experience. With your camera in hand and a short free course given by us, you will enjoy the fresh air and the wide open space on these outcrops. Rock and Petroglyphs became very special to us. After 20 years we came to the conclusion that rock art refers to something that got fossilized in these outcrops. Interesting petroglyphs e.g. dinosaurs and footprints to be seen
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THE DOLORITE ROCK ENGRAVINGS ROUTE  is a one day route.  Time and km depend on the  kind of experience you would like. Outstretched  shaly  landscape with changing scenes of doleritic.  Exploring the site,  you'll experience  a unique adventure  on discovering impressions linked to the age old of the First People of Africa.

  is  a 45 km  drive  on the  Kenhardt /Upington road .  Driving  along an outstretched  Bushman grass (stipagrostis)  landscape, with some large  gneiss outcrops. Strange refuse dumping like outcrops await you after 30 km of driving.   These igneous outcrops will guide you to one of the most unique late bushmen settlement sites on our planet.

about 72km from Kenhardt. Where did the name originated form?

A dwell was dug by the owner of the farm in the late 1900's,  He  denied however that he had found a good supply of water. Water was a great importance  in a land where trek Boers had to make long and dangerous journeys from one source of water to another in times of drought.   On a question that was asked to the owner of the dwell, he answered: "Yes Sir: " I dug a dwell, but with out water.

Putzonderwater once owned  certificates for the neatest railway station in South Africa.  Now, there are on only  four families left.  No more tigers lying in the sun on "Tier kop", but the  evidence of a once flourishing community are still standing.  One of the most beautiful and interesting  Petroglyphs is to be seen.

THE DRIEKOP ENGRAVINGS ROUTE is about 10km from Kenhardt.

Beautiful landscape and interesting rock formations are unique  to this site.

Interesting artifacts of Bushman settlement are to be seen.

Rock engravings of different kind ancient and extinct animal and birds are to be seen.

On the route are also anglo Boer War graves to be seen as well as Kenhards first  water supply system.

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